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Banque de France
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CERT Banque de France (CERT-BDF) is the team that handles information security incidents which could impact Banque de France, the French national central bank.

Shall you need to notify us about an information security incident or a cyberthreat targeting or involving Banque de France, please contact us at:

If you need to send us information in a secure manner, please use our PGP key which ID is 0xED92F9C3 and fingerprint is 80E0 9E1F 7ACE C265 CD82 6638 C2E6 A117 ED92 F9C3.

You may contact us at the following number during regular French business hours: +33 1 42 92 93 02

Postal Address
Regular mail can be addressed to:

31 rue Croix des Petits-Champs
75049 PARIS cedex 01

Mission Statement
For more information about CERT-BDF, please read our RFC 2350

FIRST FRENCH CERT COMMUNITY CERT-BDF is accredited by TI First member